Our Faculty and Staff

Our teaching staff has over 100 years of teaching experience with certification in elementary and secondary special education as well as regular education. Many have master's degrees in continuing education as well as participating annually in workshops and inservice programs on topics related to special education.

Principal/Administrator: Judy Schultz

Administrative Assistant: Karen Schultz, Linda Osterlie

Self-contained Classroom Teachers: Nancy SpitzackJenny Clemens

Teacher Consultants: Jenny StollenwerkSharon Atkinson

Resource Room Teachers: Jill Hofstad, Kim Gruber, Jordan Iberl, Leah Armstrong

Social Worker: Darlene Klenz

Art Therapist: Alicia Starr

Visual Art Consultant: Dr. William Chandler

Visual Arts Coordinator: Benjamin Chandler

Director of Donor Relations: Al Kahlfeldt

Director of Communications: Amy Schultz

Judy Schultz    EMAIL 

Office Manager
Karen Schultz    EMAIL

Administrative Assistant
Linda Osterlie    EMAIL

Classroom Teachers
Nancy Spitzack    EMAIL
Jenny Clemens    EMAIL
Benjamin Chandler   EMAIL

Resource Room Teachers 
Kim Gruber    EMAIL
Jordan Iberl    EMAIL
Leah Armstrong    EMAIL 
Jill Hofstad    EMAIL

Social Worker 
Darlene Klenz    EMAIL

Teacher Consultants 
Sharon Atkinson    EMAIL
Jenny Stollenwerk    EMAIL

Communications Director 
Amy Schultz    EMAIL

Visual Art Consultant  
Dr. Bill Chandler    EMAIL 

Art Therapist
Alicia Starr   EMAIL