Chapel Kit

The Chapel Kit has items you can use for your chapel services and in the classroom.  The materials included will provide staff, children, and families an opportunity to learn about the many services and programs Lutheran Special School and EducationServices provides and the students they serve. School chapel services, Sunday morning worship services, and Sunday school devotions or lessons are excellent venues through which materials might be used to bring about awareness and opportunities to learn what LSSES is all about.

Download a zip file of the entire Chapel Kit.

Individual items are available below.

The following items are available for your school and/or church:


Please see and fill out an order form for addtional items, including

  • Plastic Zip Lock bags with LSSES logo for collecting offerings
  • Offering Envelopes
  • Classroom Resource Pack


The offering calendar, Our Gifts to Jesus for All God's Children, may be used any time during the school year or in any other creative way your school or church might designate. Your support and promotion of awareness of LSSES ministry is much appreciated. Thank you for expressing your love for Christ and for special needs children through your participation.