Let us Help You Help Us: Chapel Presentations/Offerings/Order Form

Thank you so much for considering LSSES as a designated recipient of chapel offerings and/or portion of a fundraising event. Let us help you help us…below is a list of items available for your use. For school or Sunday school offerings, you may consider using LSSES offering envelopes or the chapel calendar with offering boxes. You might also consider setting a goal/target for the offerings and perhaps provide a visual for participants such as keeping a running total in your weekly school newsletter that is sent home for parents or in weekly church bulletins. Feel free to use the information below as well in communicating LSSES needs:

Sample Funding Needs

$55 a day cost of educating one student per school year $170 is the cost of a student desk or classroom table
$150 covers the cost of books for one student $1500 provides Art Therapy for one student for one year
$375 provides Teacher Consultant Testing per student $2100 covers cost of ASSIST mailings for one year
$9600 covers the cost of educating a student in an LSSES classroom for one year

The following items are available for your use:

LSSES Video 7-8 minutes:

Our 50th Anniversary DVD "Teaching Children as Christ Taught Us":
"Permit All God's Children" DVD
Informational; discusses the ministry and services of LSSES
If used for a chapel, would need message element added with it 

Prepared Order of Service: New service prepared to go with or without the video
Includes liturgy, songs, prayers, and accompanying message samples 
Blank Order of Service: Outline for liturgy to develop your own devotion or service
Includes list with many suggestions for Scripture, mesages & songs 
LSSES Song: A copy of "Permit All God's Children" music and words
CD of music also available
Envelopes: Printed with LSSES logo; quantity determined by you
Plastic Bags with Logo: Includes a LSSES logo
Suggested use with Offering Calendar
Classroom Resources: Teaching children about disabilities: Fact sheets, activities, and activity sheets
Speaker: Someone to speak at a chapel service may be available upon request
Call LSSES office, 414-461-8500 to make arrangements
Group Presentation: LSSES has available a group of 2-3 people who are prepared to present an informational 1/2 hour or 1 hour session on our programs and services. This can be a presentation given on Sunday mornings during Bible class time or other organizational meeting time. The purose of this presentation is to help more people in our Lutheran community learn about LSSES and its ministry so that more families can be served.

Order Form (Printable Version)