Endowment Fund

Lutheran Special School & Education Services to Raise $1,000,000 this Year!

Lutheran Special School & Education Services (LSSES) began in 1958 as a small classroom for three cognitively disabled students.  Twelve students and 15 years later, the school moved to and was supported by Concordia College.  For the next 20 years, approximately 50 college students per year served in a classroom assisting the students in the program.  In 1986 LSSES began operating independently, serving 12 students in a classroom at Milwaukee Lutheran High School. 

LSSES is stepping up fund-raising to support the school’s mission. The school’s endowment has been named The Shepherd’s Endowment and will be used to support the ‘lost sheep’ who have special learning difficulties. 

Currently, the LSSES programs are funded through donations and grants by inpiduals, congregations, and organizations that value Lutheran education for all students, including those with learning difficulties.  Fundraisers and awareness programs are also held throughout the year to generate the $500,000 needed yearly to continue to provide services

The ultimate goal is to have a $10,000,000 endowment that would support the ministry 100 percent.  Board and staff estimate this could take a decade or more to achieve.

To jump-start the effort and the 50th anniversary of the school’s services, board members and school supporters are aspiring to raise $1,000,000 this year in the form of outright gifts, 3-5 year pledges and/or estate and planned gifts.

“No gift is too big or too small,” says Michelle Wagner, Director of Fund Development. “A donation of $25 is just as significant as a $100,000 gift. When you have many people donating, the amounts add up and the students benefit. We have prayerfully considered this effort and feel that it is part of the plan God has intended for the school,”

Until the 10 million dollars is raised, LSSES will work hard maintaining the current annual giving program. “We look forward to the day when some or all of our work in fundraising can be channeled directly into our educational programs,” adds Michelle.

If you are interested in helping out in any way with The Shepherd’s Endowment, please call our office at 414-461-8500.

Lutheran Special School & Education Services has been in existence since 1958 serving hundreds of children with special needs, as well as, their families and teachers. When the school began, approximately 6% of all school-age children were identified as having special needs. Recent statistics show that over 13% of all school-aged children in Wisconsin have special educational needs. These statistics are consistent for children in Lutheran schools as well.

The need and desire for our services is tremendous. We are currently able to serve over 650 children, their families and teachers, directly and indirectly, through the programs and services we provide. However, there are many more families who are still in need of our services.

We appreciate your support of our annual fund and would like you to consider a gift to our endowment fund either through your estate planning or other planned-giving opportunities. Your gifts into the endowment fund will help meet the future needs of the ministry. Students many years in the future will benefit from your gift today. Please consult your attorney or estate specialist for more information or contact us at [email protected] for additional information and we can put in you touch with an LCMS planned-giving counselor.

Download information from the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod about how your will can be used for the benefit of the church. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this information. Download the reader