Educational Philosophy

Lutheran Special School and Education Services provides quality education for children with learning difficulties in a Lutheran school environment.

  • We believe all children can learn, and all children should have the right to be able to attend a Lutheran School.
  • We believe all children have been blessed with special gifts and abilities, and that as part of the body of Christ, each has a specific purpose for the benefit and gain of the whole body.
  • We believe we have the responsibility to work with each child wherever he or she is academically, socially and emotionally.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to advocate on behalf of special needs students and their families for placement in regular education programs.
  • We believe we have an obligation to help educate and prepare regular education teachers.
  • We believe God is giving us opportunities to work with children, teachers and schools.

Contact us to learn more about LSSES or to inquire about enrolling your child in one of our services.