Our Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff - 2018/19


Executive Director: Michael Oldenburg

Principal: Jenny Stollenwerk

Administrative Assistant: Karen Schultz

Self-contained Classroom Teachers:  Jen Piette, Hannah Frazier, Jennie Goetsch, Kathy Siegel, Jill Hofstad

Teacher Consultant: Kim Gruber

Resource Room Teacher:  Sherry Voigt

School Counselor: Carrie Miller

Art Therapist:  Lydia Ferraro

Visual Art Consultant: Dr. William Chandler

Director of Donor Relations: Al Kahlfeldt

Director of Communications: Amy Schultz

Phy Ed/ Transportation:  Caleb Niedfeldt

Classroom Aides:  Nicole Strelow, Sean Brock

Maintenance staff: Shawn Hofstad, Corie Graf

IT Support: Christopher Hougard

Office assistantLinda Osterlie