What's Happening In Our Classroom

For the 2019-2020 school year, we operate four self-contained elementary and middle school classrooms at our facility in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. We also have two high school classrooms, currently 9th and 10th grades. Each classroom has a maximum of 12 students. 

LSSES also incorporated a new program, The Mosaics Program, into its self-contained classroom curriculum.  The program combines kinesthetic arts (physical education and recreation), the visual arts and musical arts into an experiential curriculum to develop the whole child, mind, body, and spirit, showing off their uniqueness and together making a whole pattern, a Mosaic.  The program not only provides the foundation for the academic curriculum for our students, but also encourages a life of exercise and activity, as a catalyst for bringing families together through recreational, art and music activities. 

Each year for the next three years, we will highlight one of the arts: kinesthetic, visual and music through an extensive curriculum that will involve various field trips and extra activities to expose students to each facet, one year at a time.  Each of the arts will also be incorporated in to the core curriculum of reading, writing and math.  Students will connect “book learning” with everyday, real life activities, helping to promote brain development and healthy living.

Self-Contained Classroom

Children with special educational needs who are unable to function well in their regular classroom receive individualized attention in our Self-Contained Classroom, located at 5425 S. 111th Street in Hales Corners, WI.

Instructional Program

The self-contained classrooms serve over 60 students, ranging in age from eight to fifteen years. Children remain in the special education classroom for the entire course of their day, receiving individual and/or small group instruction geared to their specific academic needs.

The instruction is level-based, providing the appropriate workload and level of difficulty for each student. Therefore, it is a multi-level classroom. Our approach to teaching these students is holistic; because we believe that education is best delivered and received when a student's spiritual, emotional as well as cognitive needs are addressed.