Teacher Consultant Services

The Teacher Consultant and the Early Childhood Teacher Consultant focus on keeping children in their school by addressing cognitive, social, emotional and behavior delays in children and students from 3 years of age through high school

They will work with teachers and students in any Lutheran school in the SW District to resolve challenges or problems in a child’s development by providing the following service:

  • Assessment of children ages 3 through high school.
  • Evaluation of children who are having cognitive, social, emotional and behavior difficulties.
  • Providing written reports that include an educational plan.
  • Interpreting previous test information and help develop appropriate interventions.
  • Provide Resources to teachers and parents.
  • Make recommendations for behavior intervention, teaching strategies and learning environment changes.
  • Pre-School Screenings— we will make suggestions on what to do to screen students.
  • Individual student consultation and evaluation - available when teachers would like more information about an individual student’s academic or behavioral strengths and difficulties.
  • School–wide services – the most comprehensive option, providing regular assessment, intervention, follow-up and support. This is offered on a contract basis.
  • Student Assistance Teams (SAT) – the teacher consultant will help you to establish a committee meeting on a regular basis for collaborative problem solving, support and encouragement.
  • Parent and faculty presentations – we present in-services on topics related to children including behavior management, ADHD and needs of learners.

The Teacher Consultant and The Early Childhood Teacher Consultant are available five days a week by appointment. For scheduling, contact Lutheran Special School & Education Services at 414-461-8500 or email info@lsses.org.