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Disclaimer:  This information has been researched by and is the opinion of the teacher consultants here at Lutheran Special School. It is not intended as a substitute for consultation and advice from healthcare professionals.  Each individual concern and case should be evaluated by qualified professionals.


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Tips for Organizational Skills

Does your student struggle with organizational skills? Here's a few ideas that may help...

Goals for Great Teachers for the Coming Year

Here are SEVEN GOALS to consider as you begin another year in your classroom... Eric Jensen, in his most recent newsletter, suggests some strategies for teachers to strive for to make it the greatest year ever -- for both teacher and students!


School can be a lot of fun, but just as often, there may be one or two subjects where you would like extra help. Everyone learns differently, and there are many helpful websites out there to provide support. There are even online games that can help you learn! All you have to do is figure out which subject you'd like to learn more about. via: http://www.whoishostingthis.com/resources/kids-education-websites/#ixzz2vZexiTv6 Follow us: @WhoIsHosting on Twitter

Teen Burnout

We think of youth as having an unlimited amount of energy . . . but can they do it all? Concerned parents want to know how to help their stressed-out, over-scheduled, over-worked, too-active teens.
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