Online Learning Update

Schools around the country are adapting to an online learning environment, and LSSES is no exception. Under the guidance of Principal Jenny, each of our teachers has come up with an educational plan for their students for the next several weeks. Each family was personally called to make arrangements for pickup of materials, educational packets and workbooks at the school. In some cases our teachers even dropped off materials at the students’ homes. We were even able to provide students with a Chromebook if they didn’t have access to one at home.

Days are structured by the teachers, and PE and art therapy activities are also being incorporated. Newsletters are being sent to parents and families weekly, and teachers are available for daily support and guidance.
It has been absolutely amazing to watch how the teachers, in a very short amount of time, came up with their educational plans, gathered materials, and communicated with families to distribute the materials. Once again our teachers and administrators demonstrated their dedication and commitment to the students at LSSES.