Back-to-School Tips

Before the kids go back to school….

-Now is the time to buy school supplies.  Buy more than you need, and keep them to replace lost items during the school year.  Also, anticipate next years needs; buy crayons, glue, etc. after school starts when these items are all on clearance- you’ll have a head start on next year, and save money

-Start your school routine at least a week before school; breakfast, showers, bedtime, etc.

-When school starts, get organized the night before.  Have all supplies, homework, etc. in backpacks, closed and ready for the morning.  Make sure lunches are made, labeled and in the fridge.  At home, have separate files, baskets, cubbies, for each child, so work or important papers are always easily found.

-Photocopy all school forms that are sent to school, so you have a record of what information is there

-Allow extra time in the mornings- at least an additional 30 minutes to get up, eat and get out the door.  You may need this extra time until several weeks in to school; and it may be such a non stressful way to start the morning- that it becomes permanent!