1.  If your child struggles with number sense (essential for the development of basic math skills, and includes concepts such as more/less, one-to-one correspondence, and counting)

 -LiteracyCenterEducation Network (

 -Early Childhood Education-Math Activities (

 -Using Numbers (


2.  If your child needs help telling time

  -Telling Time-Learn Time (

  -Learn to Tell Time (


3.  If your child struggles with counting money

   -Learn to Count Money (

   -Change Maker (

   -Learning to Count Money Apps for the iPhone and iPad (

   -Coin-u-lator (


4. If your child struggles to solve specific problems, especially in advanced/middle school math classes

  -WebMath (designed to help solve math problems in the areas of K-8 math, algebra, general math, plots & geometry, and long division)

  -Aplus (interactive educational math activities for grades K-12 including math games, worksheets, flashcards and more!)

  -Math Forum (comprehensive resource for math education including problems and puzzles)

  -Purplemath (algebra lessons written with the student in mind, and LOTS of links to other math websites)


5.  If your child struggles with fractions, try some of these websites; there are links to many other types of math activities also:


6.  If your child struggles with conversion problems-

  -Convert-Me ( weights and measures conversion; online calculators; quick and easy metric conversion tables







7.  If your child struggles with algebra-

   -Algebra Help ( for students and parents- includes lessons, step by step solving, calculator, worksheets and other algebra resources

   -KahnAcademy( –library of over 3000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to finance, along with hundreds of practice skills

   - IXLAlgebra Practice ( –this is a great website!! If the link doesn’t work, simply type the address into your search page


8. Math sites for every day living situations

    Figure This! Math Challenges for families ( –

   An assortment of math challenges based on real life situations


9. If you didn’t find what you needed in the above suggestions, here are some more websites that help with all kinds of math!

(step-by-step help from on-line tutors)