Tips for Organizational Skills

Does your child or student struggle with organizational skills? Here's a few ideas that may help.

Depositphotos_13930818_smaller.jpg1. Simplify. It may seem that a notebook and folder for each class makes the most sense for keeping things organized. However, if a student struggles in this area, that's just more to try to remember. One central place for information is ideal.

2. Keep supplies in place so students don't have to remember the supplies. That's a confusing statement but how many times have students gotten points off of a class because they didn't bring a pencil or other supply to class? Have that student keep a pencil, calculator, notecards or other supply needs in the book or binder for that class.

3. Keep an assignment page or notebook. I think this is one of the most important tools for a student who struggles with organization or remembering. It is an important life skill to document schedules and commitments for everyone and this can create a positive habit when they are young. If they have the ability to use a phone or handheld device, they may want to use voice to text to record their assignments.

4. Visual reminders can help your student follow through on directions. A taped list of morning expectations on the front of the student’s binder or folder, Post-its with short instructions, and color-coded calendars are ideas that may help your student stay organized.


Jenny Stollenwerk

Teacher Consultant